My ever-growing appreciation of worms!!!

I must be really getting into gardening this year because I can not stop thinking about worms. This book has been helping:

The Earth Moved by Amy Stewart

The Earth Moved
by Amy Stewart

It is very good and very interesting. So in anticipation for worms and spring and gardening, I have been reading this book, researching worm composting, and I made a wreath.

Two wreaths in fact. Oh how things change. I am really not a wreath person. Or at least I wasn’t until I saw this:

P.S. Capture the details Monday make it wreath!

P.S. Capture the details Monday make it wreath!

You might have seen this one on pinterest. For some ridiculous reason, I fell in love. So I made not one, but two. The first was a gift and followed the directions.


Adorable! I changed the yarn, Martha Stewart fun fur yarn was on sale. The snug picked out the flowers.

For the second wreath, I added my own, worm inspired flare!


With handmade knitted worms!!!

Here are instructions for the worm variation.


Start with your wreath or wreaths. For the worm version, I wrapped the top half with the “grass yarn” and the bottom with some brown worsted weight I had.


When making the wreaths, try to keep your kiddos from playing frisbee with them. However, if that is not possible, hot glue fixes lots of things.


Grab some of your favorite scrap yarn, scissors, a tapestry needle and some double-pointed needles. I used size 7 needles. However, anything can work, the bigger the needle, the bigger the stitches, the bigger the worm, etc.

To make a worm, you just make an i-cord. Which is surprisingly simple. I went to you-tube for some visual instructions. Basically, you cast on 3 stitches and knit one row, then without turning your work, you slide it over on the needle and bringing your yarn around the back, you keep knitting. A tube will be created.


Cast on 3, leaving a nice string and knit 7 rows.


When you go to knit your next row, bring your yarn around to the front and purl that row.


Purl the next row, also.


Next, keep knitting until you reach your desired length, I kept my worms at about 6 inches.

ww9 ww10

Grab your tapestry needle, weave it through the stitches, pull them tight together and secure!


Weave your cast on yarn into the worm.


TA-DA!!! You have a lovely little worm!!! The purl stitches are to represent the worms clitellum. Which is roughly the part of the worm that makes more worms.


Make as many worms as you want and attach them to your wreath. I used some T-pins I had.



I also made a different sign!

Happy worming!!!


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