Sustainable Project #4: Upgrade/fix for worn shoes.

This next project was thought up by blogger Love Megan, in her DIY for Delilah post.

Here is a picture of the shoes she did for her little one:

DIY sparkle toe shoes by Love Megan

DIY sparkle toe shoes by Love Megan

So cute!!! The more I look at this picture the more I want a pair!

The snug has a pair of flats that she has worn and worn and worn. Unfortunately they were made of some sort of velvety material, so this happened.


Why mostly on the left foot, I don’t know. The glitter was a perfect solution to this problem, there was no way I would be able to nicely recover those with fabric since the soles are so thin.

IMG_4187Here are the supplies. We needed scissors to trim off the excess strings from the worn parts..


We also used painters tape to create a straight line, since I am no good at straight lines. Seriously, I can’t even hold a ruler straight.



IMG_4196This is after the first coat, right after we took the tape off. Speaking of, take the tape off before the mod podge dries, or else all your glitter may come off in big, unreasonable chunks.


A note about the glitter. We don’t have a lot of glitter in our house (gasp!), only three very small containers of green, silver and purple. The snug was insistent that we use black glitter, so had to buy this from the craft store, but this was the only thing we bought for this project. ALSO, the picture above was taken after we completed the shoes. This project uses a super small amount of glitter. The leftover black will be put to good use this coming Halloween though.



The shoes turned out extremely cute. There are now three different textures, satin, velvet and glitter! So far the glitter has held up extremely well (it has been about a month), though I don’t let her wear these shoes to the park.

Happy fixing!

P.S. My Toms from years ago are starting to get holes and worn, hopefully I can think of something to fix those, since I feel they are beyond glitter.

Happy fixing!!!


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