Homemade Honey Strawberry Jam. (NO SUGAR)


The words “sugar-free” are really starting to frustrate me. Sugar free to me means no sugar, at all, no real sugar, no fake sugar (i.e. splenda, etc.) just nature type natural sweeteners, i.e. unsweetened applesauce, fruit juice, especially honey.

First off, this post is only pictures. The recipe is amazing and I found it at Simple Bites, it is by Aimee.

My mom has been making homemade jam since before I was born and though I have always wanted to love it and though she always, always, cuts the amount of sugar called for in half, it is so sweet it gives me a stomach ache. Store bought jelly especially gives me one. So I stopped eating jelly/jam/preserves entirely, until I thought of honey. Someone, somewhere had to have a recipe out there. There was one. Thank you Aimee from Simple Bites!!!

My family has been eating this non-stop and when we run out, we are going to find more honey based jelly/jam recipes, so look for a coming collection.











The last picture is from tonight. I realized at the beginning of this post that I never took a picture of the jars after they were done. There are only three left!!

Note: Mistake time!! I was a bit heavy-handed on the lemon juice and boy oh boy can you taste it! I love it, but it might be a little bitter if you prefer sweeter jams.

Happy Jamming!


2 responses to “Homemade Honey Strawberry Jam. (NO SUGAR)

  1. Will definitely have to try honey. Our first attempt at making jams we thought the amount of sugar the recipe called for was way too excessive 😦

    • Agreed!!! The amount of sugar called for has always shocked me!!! My brother and I used to pile little sugar mountains on our heavily buttered toast and top it off with a tiny dusting of cinnamon (this was during the summer when we were old enough to stay home alone, but stupid enough to do this). I had always felt a tinge guilty about it until I realized how much sugar was in jelly. Now that little sugar mountain seems comparable.
      Good luck!

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