Ambitions Vs. Follow Through Vs. Reality.


For some months now, let’s say 30 minus a few, I have been struggling with the title above. That is to say in a crafting, themeing, knitting, sustainabling (not a word) sort of sense. Not to say that I do not and have not been struggling with the titled concept my whole life.


I have had an overdose of ambition since I was a child. I was always the kid who did the biggest project. In seventh grade, for example, when asked to create a 3-D model of an element, I  chose something beyond period 6, after Mercury, on the periodic table. Which landed me with over 80+ electrons to have floating around a nucleus in 3-D fashion. Obviously it was a lot of work, but it ended up being awesome enough that the teacher kept it.


Obviously ambition and competitiveness overlap in my life, on occasion.


The ambition I have now is stronger than ever and I have been struggling to keep up with it. As always is the tale with life, so many ideas and so little time.


Which is, obviously, where the follow through comes into play. Unfortunately I can’t sit at the computer with a cat in my lap and blog/get inspired/create all day. Nor can I craft all day, weeks have gone by even when I don’t get a chance to craft at all. My sewing machine was dusty the other day! Reading books has fallen completely off of my life list. Which is fairly heartbreaking!!


The reality is not necessarily a lack of time, but an unbalance in life and activities. Too many things for others and not enough left for myself.


My main goal now is to not have these three things against each other, ambition vs. follow through vs. reality, but instead to make these steps, which I believe is the original intent. This means slowing down the ambition train and really focusing on the follow through. This also means starting to say more no’s to others, so that I may have a little more time.  This will be fun and challenging.


Now about the pictures. At the beginning of the year I had posted a very exciting post about making  a dishcloth and rug every month. Little did I realize many other projects would get in the way; new spring school clothes to make, valentine’s skirt, sheer scarf, wedding skirts, graduation dress, etc. Unfortunately I have only completed one rug (the cotton one) so far. Thankfully I am almost up to date with the dishcloths.

The top pictures are yards and yards of braided cotton sheets that after many attempts to make a braided circle rug I finally had to take apart to save for future use. I am glad it is all un-braided, I can crochet with it now and I don’t have a giant ball of braided fabric staring at me. Relief!!

Instead I have two giant balls of yarn now staring at me. This is from the February seed stitch rug I am making. The length was perfect but it was the heaviest thing to work with and was killing my wrists. I decided, since I was only 1/3rd of the way through, to just take it apart and start from a different angle. I am going to cast on the short end and work up, hopefully things will move more quickly. The orange and grape are for scale.

Sometimes, I am finding, it is easier to start over or rework projects to get the follow through moving.

Happy Follow Through to you, I hope you can make all your ambitions a reality too!!!


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