Finally, after 3 + years, Rosie is finished!


After many late nights, this marathon of a project is complete.

Not that the project was that hard, there were a lot of parts to it, but many factors led to it taking forever to complete. We moved, three times (one being cross continental), everything we owned was in storage for a year, it was one of the first real knitting patterns I had done, therefore I had made tons of mistakes (mainly the yarn weight and needle combination) it took a while to remember how I made those mistakes in order to make them again, I got endlessly distracted and completely unmotivated. Only recently did something click and make me want to finish Rosie.

Who is Rosie?



She lives in this pretty plastic canvas box.

R-4With this funky little bottom.


She is made of yarn and much larger than anticipated. (That’s what happens when you use a cotton worsted weight, thinking it won’t make much of a difference, (the yarn was supposed to be fingering weight)) (The needles were size 3, my hands hurt just remembering it).

R-6She is pretty and well-loved.




Despite all her minor imperfections. (Like a severe lack of mattress stitch seams, resulting in many franken-seams).



She is a fairy princess.


R-13Other days, she just likes to lounge.

R-14She now has quite a wardrobe. Of course, after this was all done the snug turned to me and said, “I think Rosie should have a little sister.”

You know what?

I think she should too. After all, I would love to master this pattern and now that my knitting hands are wiser.

I think we’ll name her Buttercup.

One thing is for sure though, she will not have her own closet. I forgot how tedious a giant plastic canvas project can be!

If you want to make your own Rosie, with her own wardrobe, all patterns came from this book:

Toys to Knit  by Tracy Chapman

Toys to Knit
by Tracy Chapman

Happy Knitting!!!


One response to “Rosie

  1. Rosie is adorable, and totally worth the wait!!!

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