Sustainable Project #7: DIY Clothes Organizing tags.


School is starting back faster then we know it!! Last year was our first year of all week schooling so we decided, due to time constraints and an indecisive, fashionista child, we would make clothing tags to help get the week set.

They worked perfect and held up great!! They have been waiting in our closet to be put to use for another year.

These things are super easy to make and they take up barely any room.


Here’s what you need: leftover felt (in two colors), leftover ribbon, tacky glue, a water-soluble pen, embroidery floss, scissors, and a needle. (I made our tags all from leftover/scrap materials, also these things last forever, making this a sustainable craft). True though, the more new materials you use, the less sustainable this project is.


Take your main piece of felt. You will be embroidering on this one. You want it to be a light enough in color so that you can see your maker.


I eyeballed my pieces when I cut them out, but they are all about, 1 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches long, I did trim the Friday one after I embroidered it, also the Wednesday was much longer. Take your water erasable pen and write a day of the week on each piece of felt. We did Monday through Friday. You can also write the day of the week, first, and then cut around it.


Embroider over your writing. I did a simple back-stitch for all of mine.


Trim your embroidered piece if you like. Then measure your embroidered piece up against a piece of backing felt. Cut out a good piece with a border.


Decide how long you want your ribbon to hang from the hanger. We did about 4 inches long.


Add lots of tacky glue to the back of the embroidered piece and place the ribbon right side down into the glue. Make sure it is not twisted at the top and that it is low enough it will not slip out.


Press on the backing.


Repeat for the rest of the week.


Ta-da!!! A little organization goes a long way!

Happy Crafting!

(Note: the pictures are from last year, at night, in a very poorly lit room.)


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