August Dishcloth!

I, assuredly, did finish this dishcloth in August, but things have been a bit busier than I anticipated. A lot busier!

Knitting hasn’t been easy recently. Time is a small part of the reason.

The other, main reason, is this guy.


Look at that guilt!

Literally every time I start to knit anything, he comes up behind me, sniffs and plops right in the middle of whatever I am working on. The ridiculous thing about the picture above, that you can’t see yet, is the size of the project vs. the size of the cat.




However, with a mix of distraction and secret knitting, I did end up finishing my dishcloth.


Definitely a different pattern for me, but so easy! Here is the like to the pattern;

Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth Pattern!

Now to get Sir Snuggleton off of my lap, so I can go enjoy the beautiful blue skies outside!

(Hopefully I can sneak in a bit of knitting sometime today, I am getting so desperate for knitting time, I might even have to start going to work knits at the local yarn shops!)

Happy Knitting!



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