A Thanksgiving post before the Turkey gets too cold.

Thanksgiving was filled with last-minute projects. Thankfully they were all up-cycling projects!

I was able to fill most of my day with sewing, as we were going to a relative’s house for dinner. That being the case, I figured I would gift the hostess with some homemade place mats.


The fabric was some home decor fabric. I had originally used it to make a tablecloth. After the tablecloth was no longer needed I set the fabric aside to make place mats.

They turned out lovely. I mostly followed these instructions by My Poppet.

So after I had stayed up late Thanksgiving eve working on the place mats, I woke up early on Thanksgiving morning to make a turkey outfit for the snug and finish the place mats.

I am sure you have seen similar outfits on pinterest and etsy. They are adorable.


This is my version, you can find the original and the instructions at The Ribbon Retreat Blog, it is adorable and easy to follow.

Easy to follow, that is, if it isn’t 6am on Thanksgiving day and you went to bed way too late the night before. Then it gets a little hard, especially the math.


So many numbers!!

The fact that I do not own a printer made things a bit complicated.


However, if you do have a white piece of paper, you can turn up the brightness on your screen and very VERY gently trace the design.


Then, I had trouble with the double-sided interfacing. I had to do the gobbler piece three times, because I kept fusing it to the right side of the fabric, which is incorrect.


Despite ALL of my many mistakes, which lead the project to take much longer than anticipated, which ran everyone late. It turned out super cute!

The best part, we have to buy nothing for this project. We had everything already and got a chance to finally upcycle this t-shirt that we had found at the goodwill a while back.


Someone was very happy with the results.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.

Next up the holidays!!

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