My name is Tiffany, my family has a passion for learning and a reliable habit of making mistakes. Here are a few parts of our life.

Theme Learning= My daughter Aimee and I learn about something new every week or so, through theme based learning. We take a theme and run with it. With lots of help from the library, the internet and a little from me, we are covering whatever we want on a preschool level. From History to Science, Math and everything under the sun, including the sun.

This Eco-House= My family and I are starting anew, well kind of, and everything we want for our home we want to be sustainable, eco-friendly, happy, etc. Follow my carbon-reducing foot steps here.

Wife Scales= My husband sleeps, breathes, dreams, lives, loves, and every other function of his life reptiles. Most of his brain is dedicated to reptiles. A very tiny chunk is there for Aimee and I and an even smaller chunk is for the rest of the world. These are my stories about having a rep keeping husband and accepting that he might love reptiles more than he loves me.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog!!

*This months header is from a park located in Old Town, Lansing, Michigan. Aimee is the talent behind the lens on this one.


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