Money Managment for Little Kids: The Shop.

My daughter gets allowance; she is 5. She gets allowance because she is a big contributor to the family. We settled on $3 for now. While trying to decide on the amount of allowance to give her, I noticed a few things. Mainly that money, (U.S.A. currency), is confusing. For adults, for teenagers and especially… Continue reading Money Managment for Little Kids: The Shop.

Chinese New Year Theme!

We did this Chinese New Year theme last year, but due to a broken computer at the time of doing the theme, I am just getting around to posting it…erm…now. Exactly one year later! At 7:30pm the night of Chinese New Year, and we haven’t even done our activities or read our books for this… Continue reading Chinese New Year Theme!

Bubble Challenging Childrens’ Books.

Here lies a compilation of childrens’ books meant to challenge the boundary of your parenting bubble. Beautiful books that are sometimes hard to read and hard to explain, but completely fulfilling. Books that show hard, bad sides of the world, but then show the beauty that always outweighs. Books that will bring you to tears… Continue reading Bubble Challenging Childrens’ Books.

A four year old painting with light.

During Easter this past year, my mom thrilled that this was the first Easter she was getting to spend with her granddaughter, had her camera at her side and was dutifully taking many pictures. Snug was intrigued by grandma’s little camera, a Nikon coolpix, bright red in color. Snug has seen many cameras before, even… Continue reading A four year old painting with light.