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St. Patrick’s Day!

So much for the Valentine’s post I had planned. The pictures are somewhere and hopefully I will get around posting it this week. Though I may wait until April 14th, then I will be an even two months late.

This St. Patrick’s day was ridiculous. I don’t know what came over me! I might as well have thrown all of my standards off the side of a cliff.

First off, I finally made another tutorial I found on pinterest! The instructions for the adorable little shirt we made came from The Life of a Cheap Chickadee.



We obviously went for the greens and golds, being St. Patrick’s day and I only stayed up until 12:30am the night before finishing it. (This was mainly due to the fact that I refused to get up to start the project until after 10:30pm.) With that said, it is a great little project and perfect if you need a green shirt at the last-minute, since you daughter’s closet is stocked with every hue of pink, but not a speck of green.

This is also a wonderful up-cycling project, if you have a shirt that is too short in the tummy or has spots on the lower parts. You can use old t-shirts to make the ruffles.


Some tips I found out while sewing; cut the strips whatever width, but make them at least three times longer than the width of your shirt (I did this by just measuring across the front of the shirt three times with one of the strips, then cutting off the excess). Make a plan of where you want your tie band to be and then work up from the bottom to that point. Last, the shirt we used was very light and thin, it might have been better to use a slightly heavier jersey, that will better hold the weight of the ruffles.

IMG_7749This year has been busy and the house looked nice, so I did not want a “visit” from any sort of “leprechaun” messing everything up. However, silly me, has done this in the past. Made a pile of books in the middles of the floor, spread shamrocks, dressed up stuffed animals, something to that effect. (Maybe it is something about St. Patrick’s day that causes my morals to slip). I had remembered doing it and the snug had too. While she wasn’t really wondering why the leprechaun hadn’t come, she definitely had a lot of questions and hypothesizes about it.

Therefore, I felt a range of conflict (starting at my mom claiming that every child needs to have some sort of magic in their life – to – my dislike of creating implicit lies to my child [we don’t ‘do’ santa or the tooth fairy or the easter bunny, why would we do leprechauns]), so of course, my mom won out. I lied. I said that I had caught the leprechaun the night before, since I had been up late sewing. I had shooed him away since the house had looked nice and I was too tired to clean after him. (upon recollection, this wasn’t necessarily a lie).

Later that day, I picked up a puzzle, put it together, and then took it apart in 10 piece chunks. I wrapped the chunks in tissue paper and hid them around the house.


At least the cat enjoyed it. The snug did too, though she had voiced speculations.

I am losing all of my moral standards. I lied to my child about a mischievous fantastical creature. I bought a gift for St. Patrick’s day, not a well known gift giving holiday. Then I wrapped it, in tissue paper, 2 for each package, that is 20 quarter sheets of tissue paper! What got into me??

P.S. While I talk about the shirt being a great candidate for up-cycling, ours was not. Not even close! The shirt we had bought long ago, but hadn’t worn. The jersey and lace we bought that weekend, since I didn’t have any green jersey. Or at least I didn’t have any that was readily accessible.

Happy Week After St. Patrick’s Day!

P.P.S. I don’t even have a category to put this wasteful account of a holiday in. Tsk, tsk. Oh well. Better luck next year.

Up to my ankles in summer projects!

I almost quite literally am up to my ankles in rugs, at least.

They are all fun though and I cannot wait until they are finished.

There is the rainbow rug. Easy just knit every row, using super bulky yarn. This is my first project using super bulky, I love it!

The pattern I found off of the Coats and Clark website. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon it. HERE is the link to the pattern. The yarn mentioned in the pattern is no longer being made, so instead, after much research. I decided to use Lion Brand’s Homespun for the white and Lion Brand’s Jiffy Thick & Quick in the Rocky Mountain color. I loved the rainbow mix and hunted to find the right yarn. Homespun is amazing, though a little slippery, also very cheap around 4.99 a skein. Jiffy Thick & Quick is more wooly, with some loose fluff or halo fuzz, and is pricier around 8.49 for a skein.

(All the serious knitters are chuckling at my use of the word pricey).

Next up is this slightly painful and tedious rug, that I will, for multiple reasons be so happy when I am finished. Using Red Heart Recycled Cotton blend yarn I am using a simple pattern I found on Michaels.com.

The pattern is an easy knit 3, purl 3, in sets of 3. A nice full checker stitch set. It is the weight of the rug and the fact that it seems to take forever to do one set, that is making this tedious. I will finish this one soon though. We need a rug in the kitchen, desperately.

A very different set of rugs with a complete dichotomy of yarns.

This last rug is easy, just time-consuming. A braided and woven rug to match the tee-pee my mom and I made for the snug. It will need to be much bigger then it is. I have not put in as much effort as I want so far.

Those are the rugs, now for the rest of the summer projects.

Did I mention also that we are going to make most of our back to school clothes this year. Which means my summer projects need to be done by the middle of July so that we have enough time to gather materials and make acceptable fitting clothes before September!

It is going to be a fun couple of weeks!!

Also we aren’t homeschooling, obviously. Thank goodness! That doesn’t mean we (I) will stop supplemental schooling, in my over exaggerated way.

Now for the rest of the summer projects.

Wall hangings. Lots of wall hangings. We have one for me on the left, a map of the united states, and a western one for the snug’s room. I have backing fabric for none of these. Fantastic!

Next up, napkins that will be made from a pillowcase found at the goodwill and lots and lots of reusable snack/sandwich bags. FINALLY!!!


Then we have apparel and I am very happy to say two out of the four items shown have been made and completed!!!! The top middle gray fabric has been made into a t-shirt. I took a class and learned how to draft a t-shirt. Also, the cat yoga fabric, was made into little knickers today! Adorable! The mermaid dress needs modification and lengthening, long legs Magee won’t stop growing. The final item on the left is going to be turned into a tank top dress.

Oh and there are also baby gifts to be made!!!

AND I learned how to crochet! I am making a bag! The good news, crochet is super fast. The bad news, it takes up a ton of yarn! I am excited! Here is the bag;

SO cute!! I found it on pinterest. The bag and pattern are from Artemis Adornments, it is called the Masa Bag. The pattern calls for a DK size yarn and is rather small. I am using sugar and cream with an appropriate size needle and sizing the bag differently.

That’s it. All the projects. Two weeks. Really?

Thankfully everything is now washed and ironed. Hopefully I will find the time to make this a wonderful reality!

Happy Summer time crafting!!

Homemade Spring Wardrobe.

I haven’t been sewing as much as I want to, lately. However I have created more new items in the past two months then I have in the past year really. Perspective.

I just hope I can keep this up. I am determined not to but any clothes this summer unless it is something we really need and I cannot make. For example, if my one pair of jeans gets a ton of rips. Or if my husband’s one pair of jeans keeping ripping. Which reminds me, I need to fix the current rips.

Anyway, in the mean time, I made some fun pieces. All from patterns.

The first was a McCall’s pattern, M6167.

It sewed up pretty nicely. There are a ton of steps in making these shirts. Unfortunately, I really do not have the body type for these kinds of shirts. I have tried over and over. It looks fair, but I won’t be making myself one of these again anytime soon. Also the buttons and button holes. There are too many. My machine couldn’t handle it, but my mom was there to help.

I made a size 8. It was a good size, I didn’t need to take the sleeves in at all. The shirt is supposed to be a little baggy. It works best with leggings, but probably not with boots. Too Robin Hood, as my mother in law put it.

Next up for St. Patrick’s Day I decided Snug and I should both have a new green piece. Neither of us really having any green at all in our current wardrobe. I made her a skirt from a Simplicity pattern 2356.

It turned out cute, cute, cute!!! The pattern has four different kinds of skirts, we made skirt A in a size 6. Snug is not a true size 6, though because she is so tall we needed the length. The skirt was a little big around the waist, but it is a very easy fix.

The print is very cute, cats wearing pink and yellow shirts sitting on clouds. Doesn’t make any sense, but very cute. The trim is a little too dark for the fabric, but we were trying to use up what we already had.

The instructions were very easy to follow and only a handful of steps. A very simple skirt we made in an afternoon.

Next was my Saint Patrick’s green item, a dress from a McCall’s pattern I had made once before, M5577.

It is a cute dress, but slightly odd. Definitely a jumper. I also, am realizing now, that I forgot to let of the rest of the pleats.

It isn’t that bad. I won’t be making another one of these though. I will be taking out those pleats as soon as possible and getting my hair done.

The last thing we made was Snug’s skating dress. Kwik Sew pattern K2732. Dress B.

We shortened the sleeves and added a layer on them to look like the skirt. We had to take in the sleeves and leotard a little though. Which I am sure will eventually have to be let out. Otherwise it was a very fast and simple pattern.

Practice makes perfect. I obviously need loads more practice and hopefully I can make snug and I some key pieces this summer.

Happy sewing!

P.S. Almost all the fabric you see here we already had. The exception is the first shirt and the buttons on the skating dress.

Learning to Crochet…like learning to fly without wings.

I am a knitter, I have been for about three years now and I am happy to say that I would feel comfortable trying my hardest to knit anything thrown my way. I love the needles, the challenge, the feel of the yarn. All of it.

In fact one day I want alpacas, then I can use the wool to make yarn to knit more! Assuming I would figure out how to whittle my own needles I would have completely eco-friendly knitting. It is a beautiful thing. All of this is for another day though.

Today I am learning to crochet. Why? Here are my reasons.

1. I love those zig-zaggy blankets more than any other blanket in the world!

2. I found some fantastic crochet pattern collection books at a garage sale.

3. My mom crochets.

4. Those zig-zag blankets.

5. The bags. You can make the cute knitted bags, but the patterns I have found for crochet bags, my oh my.

So I decided after the holiday knitting was over, which it isn’t, that I would take up crochet. I was even further motivated when a blogger I recently found, Crunchy Catholic Momma, posted the idea for a stash bash. Every Thursday she would post something she had made from her ever existing craft stash and invited others to join in. Why that is eco-friendly, productive and fun. There is no way I could not do this. So with the final motivation pushing me on and the help of online patterns and tutorial videos, I am diving headfirst into the world of crochet.

So what is my first crocheting challenge? (Mind you I have never crocheted more than a chain).

Snake Scarf Pattern.

This is the picture from the pattern. I stumbled upon this idea on etsy and googled around for patterns until I found the one linked above. It was free, cute and simple. And how could I not, I mean my husband has snakes, this blog has snakes, why not combine worlds of hobbying. My crafting with his snake breeding. This is marriage working together. This is me embracing every quirk of my husband, every slither he has, every…well you get the idea.

Here is my progress so far.

Mind the gaps please.

I got to work on it for about an hour today or more. Depending. The teal yarn I have had lying around for a while, I got it on clearance who knows when. I made mittens out of one skein, but had this extra one. The pink is 100% cotton yarn leftover from all those dish cloths I made during the holidays.

This is how my crocheting has gone so far. 1. Find the pattern.  2. Find the motivation.  3. Find the yarn, after I had already pulled out all my yarn to get to other supplies for a dinosaur project.  4. Look at the pattern.  5. Get whatever needle out I have, ignoring the patterns requirements.  6. Look at the pattern more closely and get horrified by the abbreviations.   7. Look up abbreviations.    8. Watch Video.    9. Thank the knitwitch.   10. Start.   11. Crochet and make mistakes.  12. Tentatively pull out some stitches.   13. Get excited realizing how easy it is to fix crochet mistakes.   14. Keep going, ignore multiple holes and get better as you progress.   15. Be thankful that this snake will have the prettiest tail by the time I get there and be happy that the future eyes and tongue will distract from any holes.  16. Have light burn out in room whilst typing post and run to get husband, because I had just been reading Harry Potter and some magical forces may have cause the flux in electricity.  17. Wake up the turtle by turning on his light to finish post.

I will post pictures once my project is finished.

UPDATE!!! 4 days later the project is finished!!! Here are some pictures.

From tongue to tail tip, the snake is 52 inches in length. Not too long, but I started to worry about yarn shortage.

The pictures aren’t the best. It is night, the lighting is terrible, but I was too excited to wait. I have to take care of my excitement before bed or else I won’t sleep and yes, I would be so excited to post about my finished snake scarf I wouldn’t be able to sleep. It doesn’t take much, but it drives my husband crazy.

Adorable! I loved this project it was so easy and half way through the snake my stitches got better and there are barely any holes. Well until you get to the tail.

Now onto my next project, I got the yarn today…

A fan rainbow afghan for the snug. Here is a picture and a link to the pattern. (The link is in the picture, but unfortunately you will have to register with lion brand in order to see the picture. It is free and they send minimal emails).

Happy Crochetting to you!!