Sustainable project #9: Mermaid Costume for a doll.

What a month!! I have sewn more items this month, than I sewed all last year. One of the things I sewed at the last minute was a fun little, easy, slightly different from most variations, mermaid doll costume. The main difference is this pattern does not use stretchy fabric. This little get up is… Continue reading Sustainable project #9: Mermaid Costume for a doll.

Homemade Decorations: Painted Lanterns

For Halloween the snug and I made some fun lantern decorations. Now even though we did ours for Halloween, this craft can transfer over to any other holiday. You can do snowflakes or hearts, Menorahs or trees, anything really. They would be great for picnics in the summer, or in our case, great to light… Continue reading Homemade Decorations: Painted Lanterns