Simple Tote Bag Pattern

This simple tote bag pattern is perfect for mass production or beginners. We made one for each our Girl Scouts bridging up to Brownies. This would be a great project for any beginning sewer and even a wonderful troop activity, there are many places that will rent out their sewing rooms for an hour or… Continue reading Simple Tote Bag Pattern

Recycled and DIY Valentine’s Pencils.

For this weeks stash bash I am sharing some Valentine’s pencils. Not only are these a different kind of stash bash, they are a perfect class gift! (Visit the Crunchy Catholic Momma to see other awesome stash bash ideas!) Who has about 1 million office supplies floating around their house? Everyone? Just me?? While the… Continue reading Recycled and DIY Valentine’s Pencils.

Tea Towels…part one: Homemade applique decoration.

I love tea towels. I adore tea towels, I vow never to buy another dish towel and to only use tea towels for the rest of my life. I will still make some dish towels, occasionally, when the fabric presents itself. Beyond that though, all tea towels, all the time. I have yet to make… Continue reading Tea Towels…part one: Homemade applique decoration.

Homemade Decorations: Painted Lanterns

For Halloween the snug and I made some fun lantern decorations. Now even though we did ours for Halloween, this craft can transfer over to any other holiday. You can do snowflakes or hearts, Menorahs or trees, anything really. They would be great for picnics in the summer, or in our case, great to light… Continue reading Homemade Decorations: Painted Lanterns