Monthly Dishcloth Project Update!

Oh No. Here I’ve been, happily making dishcloths, taking pictures and all this time forgetting to post them! In monthly order, here are the dishcloths I have made so far, links to patterns are below each. (Most are from Ravelry, which I highly suggest). February Hearts washcloth. March Irish Moss Diamond Dishcloth. April Hedgehog Washcloth.… Continue reading Monthly Dishcloth Project Update!

My ever-growing appreciation of worms!!!

I must be really getting into gardening this year because I can not stop thinking about worms. This book has been helping: It is very good and very interesting. So in anticipation for worms and spring and gardening, I have been reading this book, researching worm composting, and I made a wreath. Two wreaths in… Continue reading My ever-growing appreciation of worms!!!

Rugs and Washcloths: Monthly Projects: January

In a desperate attempt to make my crafting more productive I have come up with some, reasonable goals. One of those goals is to make more things for myself/my family. Do you ever find that while you love creating and crafting and giving, often times you are only doing things for other people? I have… Continue reading Rugs and Washcloths: Monthly Projects: January

The Dinosaur Sweater!!!

I finished the Dinosaur Sweater that I had been knitting for the Yarn-Olympics. As you may recall though, I did not finish in time to qualify for any prizes. Due to yarn complications and time restrictions my Olympic dreams were lost! However, back in September, I did finally finish the sweater. It is cute! I… Continue reading The Dinosaur Sweater!!!