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St. Patrick’s Day!

So much for the Valentine’s post I had planned. The pictures are somewhere and hopefully I will get around posting it this week. Though I may wait until April 14th, then I will be an even two months late.

This St. Patrick’s day was ridiculous. I don’t know what came over me! I might as well have thrown all of my standards off the side of a cliff.

First off, I finally made another tutorial I found on pinterest! The instructions for the adorable little shirt we made came from The Life of a Cheap Chickadee.



We obviously went for the greens and golds, being St. Patrick’s day and I only stayed up until 12:30am the night before finishing it. (This was mainly due to the fact that I refused to get up to start the project until after 10:30pm.) With that said, it is a great little project and perfect if you need a green shirt at the last-minute, since you daughter’s closet is stocked with every hue of pink, but not a speck of green.

This is also a wonderful up-cycling project, if you have a shirt that is too short in the tummy or has spots on the lower parts. You can use old t-shirts to make the ruffles.


Some tips I found out while sewing; cut the strips whatever width, but make them at least three times longer than the width of your shirt (I did this by just measuring across the front of the shirt three times with one of the strips, then cutting off the excess). Make a plan of where you want your tie band to be and then work up from the bottom to that point. Last, the shirt we used was very light and thin, it might have been better to use a slightly heavier jersey, that will better hold the weight of the ruffles.

IMG_7749This year has been busy and the house looked nice, so I did not want a “visit” from any sort of “leprechaun” messing everything up. However, silly me, has done this in the past. Made a pile of books in the middles of the floor, spread shamrocks, dressed up stuffed animals, something to that effect. (Maybe it is something about St. Patrick’s day that causes my morals to slip). I had remembered doing it and the snug had too. While she wasn’t really wondering why the leprechaun hadn’t come, she definitely had a lot of questions and hypothesizes about it.

Therefore, I felt a range of conflict (starting at my mom claiming that every child needs to have some sort of magic in their life – to – my dislike of creating implicit lies to my child [we don’t ‘do’ santa or the tooth fairy or the easter bunny, why would we do leprechauns]), so of course, my mom won out. I lied. I said that I had caught the leprechaun the night before, since I had been up late sewing. I had shooed him away since the house had looked nice and I was too tired to clean after him. (upon recollection, this wasn’t necessarily a lie).

Later that day, I picked up a puzzle, put it together, and then took it apart in 10 piece chunks. I wrapped the chunks in tissue paper and hid them around the house.


At least the cat enjoyed it. The snug did too, though she had voiced speculations.

I am losing all of my moral standards. I lied to my child about a mischievous fantastical creature. I bought a gift for St. Patrick’s day, not a well known gift giving holiday. Then I wrapped it, in tissue paper, 2 for each package, that is 20 quarter sheets of tissue paper! What got into me??

P.S. While I talk about the shirt being a great candidate for up-cycling, ours was not. Not even close! The shirt we had bought long ago, but hadn’t worn. The jersey and lace we bought that weekend, since I didn’t have any green jersey. Or at least I didn’t have any that was readily accessible.

Happy Week After St. Patrick’s Day!

P.P.S. I don’t even have a category to put this wasteful account of a holiday in. Tsk, tsk. Oh well. Better luck next year.

Sustainable Project #8: Upcycled Hair Clips and Hair Clip Holder.

Here is another back to school post that we created last year!!


Last year we kept seeing the cutest hair clips, they were a simple clip with a little felt design. We thought we would give it a try.


Here are the supplies you will need. Floss, scissors, felt, old hair clips, a needle, a pen and glue. We had a bunch of my old hair clips hanging around that I didn’t use anymore, so we up-cycled them!


Some of the hair clips had a decorative gel on them, we peeled that off as best as we could.

We choose a piece sign for our first design. So, naturally we just cut out a simple circle.


Then sketched the design on the shape with a pen.


Grab your needle and floss and embroider on the design. We did a back-stitch.


Keep going until you are all done and then trim around the edge.



Add lots of glue to the hair clip end, center and press the felt piece onto it.


#1 done!


Mini-mistake time: I forgot to cut out two pieces at the same time, so I had to trace around the first one.


and measure the original design.


Done!! A pair of adorable hair clips, to start school. With only leftover materials, this should cost nothing, but if you do have to buy things, felt and embroidery floss are both very cheap.

NOTE: When making matching hair clips, be sure to glue the design the right side up to the side it is on. Note how the hair clips above are pointing different directions.


DSCF2002For the hair clip and headband holder you will need; a paper towel tube, glue, scissors and three different ribbons of varying width.


Start with a good amount of glue at the top of your tube.


Begin wrapping one of the ribbons around the tube, leaving enough hanging off at the top that your can fold and glue it under.


Keep adding glue as you wrap.


Once your tube is completely covered, cut the ribbon, glue and fold the excess into the tube. Then grab the ribbon you want to use for hanging.



Put a good amount of glue on the end of the hanging ribbon and glue inside the tube.


Now take the third ribbon and tie around the tube, cut a good length, the ribbon will probably be curly, but will straighten out over time.


TA-DA!! A convenient and up-cycled hair clip and headband organizer!

Happy Back to School Up-cycling!!