Appreciation Gift Planters

The Girl Scout season is slowing down for the summer and it is time for leader appreciation events.

This year, I made planters for a couple of my very supportive leaders who went above and beyond.


The planters were unfinished boxes from Michaels. We used a Girl Scout stamp and green paint for the GS faces. Then sharpie on the sides.



After painting and writing, we did a layer of Outdoor Mod Podge.


This planter (for the avid gardener) was filled with various herbs (still in their garden containers); chocolate mint, purple basil, chamomile, and lemon basil.


This planter (for the light gardener) was filled with two kinds of sturdy purple flowers.

All plants were acquired from a locally owned garden store. My volunteers loved the gift and the total cost of each was $8-10. They also doubled as decor for my awards table!

Happy scouting!


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